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One-liner Wednesday – what the heck?!

Sunset at Mango Bay, Barbados

I leave the country for two weeks and come back to unbelievable chaos. I’m not one for airing my political views, but seriously… what the actual heck is going on with the UK?

It would seem that the Numpties are in charge🤦🏻‍♀️

This despairing wee post is part of Linda G Hill’s weekly post challenge. Click here to pop in past and say hello. Join in the fun, you know you want to!

Blog Posts, Prompts

JusJoJan 31st – fashion issues!

Today’s word ‘chaos’ is pretty apt for the UK and its impending departure from the EU… but I digress. I’m not one to get into heated politcal discussions about the rights and wrongs of our current predicament. I have weightier issues to deal with closer to home!

That is the current state of my wardrobe is utter chaos! It’s temporary home, has turned into a home for the mixed up and bewildered.

My clothes were hanging on a temporary rail while the refurb work is in progress… right up until the clothes rail decided to break, dumping everything onto the floor in complete disarray. As there’s nowhere else for them to hang, I have abandoned the idea of trying to keep some semblance of normality in favour of living with the chaos.

Jumpers are mixed with nightwear. Shirts and tops have tangled their arms together into a multicoloured mess. I’ll spare you the details of what’s happened to the underwear department, but the leggings are out of control and completely misbehaving!

Getting dressed of a morning is no longer about the internal debate on what to wear. It’s all about putting together an outfit with what I can actually lay my hands on! Some of the ensembles have been a little ‘out there’!

Suffice to say I’ve pretty much had enough of this DIY project. I can hardly wait for the new carpets to arrive so I can put my hanging space back into place and annihilate chaos!

Thus ends the 2020 JusJoJan challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every day of it. What a great way to get through January. Thank you to Linda G Hill for hosting this daily prompt challenge and to Robbie Ann (empty blog site, hence no link) for supplying today’s final prompt. A round of applause for Linda.