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#SoCS – Celebrating Winter Solstice

The final result!

After a very busy morning at work (funny how things suddenly ‘have’ to be done before Christmas) the afternoon continued in the same vein, except I chose to do these things… decorating the Yule log (and cursing under my breath every time I got prickled by the pine needles) and celebrating the turning of the year.

Then it was time to sort my Christmas cake, ready for our visitors arriving. Armed with ready rolled marzipan, fondant icing, (I’m cheating this year), and decades-old ornaments, I think I did a great job but failed to get Santa to stand up. I threatened him with a cocktail stick up the butt if he didn’t smarten up his ideas! As a final touch (to hide where the icing went a little odd) I tied a sparkly red bow ground the cake. With a bit of luck, and a lot of Christmas spirit(s) nobody will notice. Don’t you guys give me away. I’m telling you this in confidence.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone xx

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