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One-liner Wednesday – back in circulation again!

After ten days under ‘house arrest’ due to an outbreak of Covid in the Dean household, we are clear to rejoin society!

I’ve no idea which strain we caught. It doesn’t really matter. We felt awful. We looked after each other. We got through it and nobody fell out with others. Phew!

This midweek post is part of the wonderful Linda G Hill midweek prompt. Why to pay her a visit.

Blog Posts, Prompts

One-liner Wednesday – simply grateful

Yesterday evening I received my first dose of Covid vaccine. I’m grateful to all involved in its production and delivery, and to all those volunteers manning the vaccination centres around the clock. You are all earthly angels!

This midweek expression of heartfelt gratitude is part of Lind G Hill’s weekly prompt. Click here to see her rules of engagement. Join in the fun.