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#1 liner Wednesday and #JusJoJan 6th – necessity…

… is the mother of invention, as I told Cost Centre 2 today. We are in lockdown 3.0 so no, you can’t just nip out to the shop for breadcrumbs for today’s recipe. You’ll have to make your own.

Blank look from CC2

Weigh out the bread. Set up the Kenwood Chef (other kitchen gadgets are available) and use the blender.

Blank look from CC2

Sighs and sets it up, demonstrates one slice of bread, miraculously turning into crumbs, and smiles up at CC2

There you go son. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Oh look. Two pithy sayings for the price of one. Tune into Linda G Hill’s site for the lowdown on taking part in one-liner Wednesday and JusJoJan.

Blog Posts, Prompts

SoCS –

Linda has challenged us to write about the word ‘cave’. We can use it any way we like. As it happens, my home office is known as the Bat Cave… no idea why, it just is.

As the end of lockdown seems months away, our annual family trip to Cornwall is postponed until September. We are hedging our bets that some places might be open again, especially the beaches. Our favourite is Watergate Bay, a large expanse of shallow beach with excellent surfing conditions and an amazing set of caves in the cliff face. A trip to the beach isn’t complete unless we climb through to the far end of the cave, take a photo or two and scrambled back.

In the absence of holidays and being allowed out for anything other than food shopping and exercise, we’ve been busy in the garden to keep sane. As you know, Mr D bought himself a robot mower. Every day this little machine heads off on an erratic (to the untrained eye) journey round the garden. The docking station is right next to my recently completed dry riverbed garden. I’m not pleased about the position but with limited options I’ve had to cave in and live with it.

However, it’s given me the chance to exercise some creativity again. According the Mr D, the Mowbot / Mowlenium Falcon needs a little shelter to protect it from cool overnight temperatures. Normally I would have laughed at him, but having a mini wooden house to cover the docking station will enhance the dry riverbed area. I’m overseeing the build phase while I choose the colour scheme and additional decorations.

Have a wonderful, safe and health weekend.

Cath xx

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