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One-liner Wednesday – Shields Up!

I’m in the office for the first time in a month and within minutes of arrival I remember why it’s been nearly a month since my last visit.

Red Alert!

The office Energy Vampire/Polluter is in too and sitting one desk away from me.

crystals and stones

I’m armed with my crystals and have set my shield to maximum.

Wish me luck and fortitude, I’m gonna need all the help I can get.

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One-liner Wednesday – “The force is strong with this one”

Yesterday I walked across the shoreline of Tintagel. What I really wanted was a black a white pebble with St Piran’s cross on it. I concentrated hard, visualising the configuration, paced the waters edge, and found this little beauty tumbled over by a receding wave.

You can almost taste the magic in this part if the world!

The crystals underneath are my latest purchases. Onyx, selenite, labradorite, and moonstone.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday xx

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