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Energy levels and the art of decision making

Do you have the energy to make a decision?

If, like me, you find the Swords a challenging suit to deal with, then you’re not alone. Still, it could be the 9 or 10! Luckily we have the two to ponder over. Pondering is exactly what springs to mind when I see the two in any spread.

Taking both cards together, the advice is to work on energy levels. We can so easily drain our inner spark, leaving us little energy for ourselves, our decisions and life in general. The two of Swords shows a seated person, blindfolded, holding onto two swords. They seem to be stuck as opposed to being held there.

Paying attention to our own needs, to recharge our batteries is part of the solution. Then we come to the decision. Whatever our inner debate is about, the blindfold suggests one of two things. We don’t have all the information needed to make a decision, or we need to tap into our wisdom to find the way forward.

To me it seems that if only they could let go of one of the swords, they’d be able to remove the blindfold, but which sword to let go? Again, we are back to making a decision… or not. If you chose not to chose, that’s still a choice and you’d have to live with the outcome.

Me? I prefer to chose, even when the options are not to my liking. At least I’d be in the ‘driving seat’. So when a dilemma or stalemate situation presents itself this week, I will make sure my energy levels are up to the task, or take time to recharge the batteries before making my choice.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead.

Julie xx

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One-liner Wednesday – do I have to?

No thanks. Not today

They (whoever they are) say ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’ meaning don’t turn down a gift/offer/opportunity. The opportunity that’s come my way seems to have some unwanted strings attached. Do I really want to take on the extra stuff when I’m on countdown to retirement?

After a good long think, I have decided to look that equine square in the teeth and say ‘no thanks’.

Today’s midweek ponder is part of Linda G Hill’s One-liner Wednesday challenge. Click here to see her rules of engagement.