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The final piece of the jigsaw!

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Redecorating our bedroom should have been a straightforward mini project. How difficult can it be to paint a few walls, put up new curtain rail and repaint woodwork? Simple – just move the furniture, cover everything in dust sheets and get going with the paints.


Once Mr D has and idea there’s no stopping him. “If we are painting the bedroom we have to do the dressing room. If we do those, then the en suite bathroom is going to need a little attention too.”

If? Yeah, right! I know these types of ‘ifs’…. they are ‘whens’ in disguise!

So in true project management style, I create a program of work for the Master Suite, with three projects: the bedroom, the bathroom and the dressing room. It’s so satisfying to see a column of tick boxes with ticks in them. Just one more box to tick today. It’s flooring day! At last the final piece of each project will be in place. Once the carpets and lino are down, the fitted wardrobes can be rebuilt in the dressing room, the final fittings can go into the en-suite and all the furniture returned to the bedroom. And more importantly, the last tick box filled it.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have fun.

Cath xx