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SoCS – the early bird…

… catches a cold while walking the pup early this morning!

Would you believe we have a hosepipe ban!

I’m a morning person by nature but I have to admit to not matching Pup’s enthusiasm for this morning’s walkies. It was more of a deluge than a downpour.

Mr D was far too excited by the soggy doggy walk. He loves putting on his wellies and splashing through muddy puddles, much to Pup’s amusement. We started out with a Golden Lab but by the time we returned we had filthy wellies and Chocolate Lab!

It takes almost as long as the walk to clean her down and dry her!

I can do without mornings like that.

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One-liner Wednesday – was it worth the effort?

An autumn day at Lantic Bay, Cornwall

Let’s go for a walk he said. Only a few miles he said. What he didn’t say was how high we had to climb to get there! The view was spectacular, as was the weather. I just wasn’t prepared for the climb or the climate. Who knew to bring shorts at t-shirts to a costal holiday in mid-October!!

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