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JusJoJan 7th – keeping things interesting

Today’s prompt, mix, was suggested by John Holton and hosted by Linda G Hill

I do enjoy keeping things fresh and interesting in life, cooking, gardening and keeping fit. This week’s fitness program is a mix of running, yoga and core stability along with some upper body strengthening in preparation for Tough Mudder. So far (and I know it’s only Tuesday) the variety has stopped me getting into a rut, bored before I even seen results.

It’s important not to be too predictable either. This is why I’m mixing up my wardrobe dependables by adding a new pair of boots. Not my usual style either… I’ve taken delivery of a pair of Dr Martens… with roses embroidered on the sides and ankles. I can’t wait for my monthly trip to the office! They’ll set tongues wagging for sure.

I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday!

Stepping out in style