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#SoCS – Dreaming of better times

I don’t know about anyone else, but Mr D and I find our mojo is somewhat flagging by the time Friday comes round. It’s a strange phenomenon, considering neither of us has a long commute to work. Walk downstairs, open the study door, boot up laptops. It’s a far cry from washing, dressing, grabbing a coffee in a travel mug, scraping ice from the cars, and driving an hour plus to our respective offices. Yet, come 5pm on Friday we are on our knees.

We have just enough get-up-and-go to load up with a few beers/gin-and-tonics, tiptoe over the flagstones to the hot tub (weather permitting) and soak our weary bodies for an hour. By the time we emerge, relaxed and steaming, we feel a little more alive again.

I don’t recall feeling this drained at the end of a ‘normal’ working week. Maybe this whole work-from-home lark saps ones energy in a different way. Or maybe interacting with our colleagues helps to juice up our batteries. Who knows. All I know is I am, like millions of others, desperate to go on holiday. I can’t wait to see flags flying in the breeze on some tropical beach, that involves a few hours flying time to get there!

In the meantime, we will continue to hunker down, be good citizens, and dream of exotic destinations whilst drinking our way through a flagon (yes indeed, an actual flagon – cool Christmas pressy) of Lindisfarne mead.

Cheers my dears.

Thank you to Linda G Hill for hosting this weekly weekend prompt. Click here to pay her a visit and review her rules of engagement.

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SoCS – overactive imagination!

A letter to Queen Elizabeth II…

Your Majesty,

It is with regret that I write to inform you of accidental damage to your property, to be specific, one of this year’s cygnets. The unfortunate incident occurred at the end of walkies, whereupon spying the aforementioned cygnet minding its own business in the reeds, my dog, also known as the furry menace, took off in hot pursuit.

Despite my frantic calls for her to ‘heel’, the menace grasped the cygnet firmly by the leg and began to ‘fetch it’ towards me. Fortunately your cygnet had the element of surprise up its feathers, landing pup an almighty nip and wallop on the nose!

Letting out a yelp, thus freeing the cygnet, the furry nuisance beat a hasty retreat. It is fair to say that the tussle ended in a 1:1 draw. Should the cygnet require medical attention, please get in touch and we will take care of it.

My sincere apologies and love to the corgis.

Your humble, frazzled servant


…. and then I woke up. The dog versus cygnet incident was all too real, but the written apology to her Majesty… just a dream!

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