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#JusJoJan 5th – some noises are just the best!

… the glug-glug gurgle of my Granny’s emerald green fish jug. She used to keep my sister and I entertained with its naughty noises when we stayed overnight with her.

… the click-gurgle-gurgle of the central heating firing into action first thing in the morning. I’m usually only just aware of it’s comforting noise at 5:30am. To me in means that the hearting is still working and my bath towel will be toasty-warm when I need if after my morning shower.

My stomach clock is one of the most accurate natural clocks I have. You can guarantee that it starts with a whale-like gurgle just as the clock hits 12:30pm – lunch break time. If I’m engrossed in a task, it’s a loud reminder to take a break.

Today’s noisy post is part of Linda G Hill’s JusJoJan challenge. It’s never too late to start. Click here for all you need to know to get started.