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#JusJoJan 8th – like shooting fish in a barrel

That’s how easy it is to work in Linda G Hill’s prompt for today. From my side of the Pond, ‘twisted’ is just one of the many adjectives I could pick to describe the orange buffoon currently in charge of the USA.

I’m not usually one for political discussions. I leave this to Mr D and his brother. Boy, do they have heated ‘discussions’ about Brexit, Boris J and Mr Trump. However, I feel appalled on behalf of all my wonderful friends and colleagues from the USA.

And that’s about as political as I get.

More closer to home, in fact on my window sill next to my desk, I have recently germinated miniature sweetpeas. Already their new stems are twisted by their efforts to track the sun. They respond rapidly too. I turned their pot around, walked the pup, and they’d twisted right round by the time I got home! Clever!

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Blog Posts, Prompts

#SoCS and #JusJoJan 2nd – you’re never alone when gardening

A cold, crisp winters day is perfect for a little gardening. Well, when I say gardening, I mean tidying straggling shrubs and fallen leaves. I love getting the big leaf blower out to round them up into a big pile, before firing up the lawn mower to vacuum them up. It makes the garden see, little tidier.

While snipping away at a particularly hairy-looking Hypericum, I felt as if I was being watched. I couldn’t hear anything, so definitely not my pup. As I moved my head to the side…there…. just in the corner of my eye, a puffed-up Robin, patiently waiting to feast on any bugs I might disturb with my activities.

He hopped along the flower bed until he was just within arms reach, ducking in every so often to spear a tasty morsel. He seemed quite at home with me pruning and tidying. It’s said that Robins are a sign of visiting loved ones. As my mum was a keen gardener, it was most likely her, just making sure I’m doing a good job.

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