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JusJoJan 21st – is it too early to start Spring cleaning?

What a cracking word we have for today’s prompt – Scraggly. The very sound of it conjures up an image of untidiness. As I walked around my back garden today (my innards are recovering enough for me to be a few feet away from the loo) I was reminded of some of the autumn pruning I missed.

My hardy fuchsias are sporting the scraggly look, having grown a little since they dropped their leaves. The main stems look like elongated fingers tapering to ragged nails, sharp enough to snag my trousers.

Once I’m completely safe to be outside I’ll return them to neat little bumps, about 4 inches above the ground, cared for instead of unkempt. Pruning shears 1, scraggly stuff 0!

Anyone else with scraggly garden areas?

Happy Tuesday and we’ll done for surviving Blue Monday.

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