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The Colour of Magic – #JusJoJan

Reading Linda’s prompt for today, colour, my mind immediately jumped to “The Colour of Magic”, Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld book. This was the first of his books to gain a place on my bookshelves. After this one, I was hooked. The more I read, the more I had to find a quiet place to read. Not to help me concentrate, but more so I didn’t disturb anyone sitting near me as I sniggered and giggled my way through the pages.

Although this particular book does not contain two of my all-time favourite female characters (Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax), it does contain Death. What a cool chap, and he rides a horse called Binky. Brilliant!

Just in case you were wondering, the colour of magic is Octarine, the eighth colour of the Discworld spectrum. According to the books, it is only visible to cats and magicians. Thank goodness for that. The description sounds revolting – a greenish purple.

I may have to dig out my copy and re-read the entire series…. right after I finish my annual read of Lord of the Rings.

Have a tremendous Tuesday everyone xx

Today’s #JusJoJan word comes from Supernatural Snark


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Yoga and the importance of appropriate support!

Today I was planning to write about the Money & Finances section of my life blueprint. However, recent events are way more interesting.

Today I joined an online yoga site and decided I wanted to learn to do the moon salutation. Normally I would change into my yoga kit, even though I’m at home and nobody can see me. Impatient to start something new, I shrugged off my outer layers, keeping decent by retaining my vest (Granny Weatherwax would be so proud).

As the course started, I became aware of the rising crescent moon from my bedroom window. How timely. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, I moved through the first sequence of positions. I was having a wonderful time, right up to the point where I was totally bent over, butt in the air, feeling quite smug about how much flexibility I still have. And then I encountered a support issue. The more folded over I was, the more my boobs got in the way. Oh heck! I was not wearing my sports bra! My ‘round ‘em up’ bra only works when I’m in the upright position. It was not designed to withstand inversion. Not only was I holding the pose, I was inadvertently holding my breath due to lack of an open airway.

My sense of humour at this ridiculous situation got the better of me. Collapsing to the mat, not due to asphyxiation but the giggles, l lay helpless with laughter, the crescent moon shining down on my folly.

It only goes to show you, that while yoga may look very gentle and graceful, you still need to wear the appropriate support!

Have a great weekend everyone xx