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So long, old friend.

“Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.” – J R R Tolkien, Return of the King.

The news of my old friend’s passing came through early Friday evening. So quick. I thought we had a few more weeks to reminisce but it wasn’t to be. As you lovely people know, I thought I should write an old-fashioned letter to him, which I did. It was a long one. Probably the longest handwritten letter I’ve ever written. It was hard too. My eyes kept leaking at odd moments.

I sent it fast post last Wednesday. He got it on Thursday. Little did I know I sent it just in time. Our mutual friend was with him at the end, and let me know that the letter was much appreciated and was with him as he died peacefully, still smiling.

My last wish for him was that he did not linger in pain, that he was surrounded by loved ones and that his end was peaceful. Wish granted.

Mr T, this one’s for you – our favourite band, and an appropriate track, I feel.

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Thank you!


Thank you all my lovely readers. I reached another milestone (for me!). 160 wonderful people tune in to my written witterings and today was the busiest day ever for traffic to my site. So busy that WordPress felt the need to send me a notification to this effect.

It came as quite a surprise, right in the middle of a meeting… my watch buzzed with the good news message and I, forgetting the meeting, did a little Snoopy dance in celebration!

Wishing you all a marvelous midweek xx

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Timely help. Thank you universe!

Girl relaxing on the beach at sunrise, beautiful cloudy sky reflected on the beach, pier in the background, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

I’m still in a bit of a post-celebratory dip, feeling flat and a little tearful. Damned menopause!

At least a good read through WordPress helps – and here’s a great tool for anyone, whether you are feeling up, down, or simply middling along.

Thanks to Dr Perry for helping to lift my spirits and gain a little more equilibrium.


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Ending and beginnings

Today my weekly sessions with Dr Siskin ended. As you would expect, I had mixed emotions. Happy that I’m in a much better place, better equipped to keep my mind (and body) healthy, and sad that the protected time with the good doc is over.

An ending this undoubtedly is, but it also marks a new beginning. I’m beginning to trust my own intuition, to enjoy more spirituality (even though my family thinks I’m bonkers. Well not my daughter so much. But the boys certainly think I’m batty), and to take the time to be a human being, instead of a human doing.

But what to get Dr Siskin as a ‘thank you’ present?

The ubiquitous wine and chocolates combo just didn’t do it for me. Then I remembered the packet of unknown seeds from our neighbour’s wedding. We were instructed to watch the love grow.

Perfect. I would ‘share the love’.

Like Samwise Gamgee, who couldn’t keep all of Lady Galadriel’s gift to himself, (and no, I’m not sorry for the nerdy LoTR reference) I decided to share the seeds. I sowed them last week, found a lovely pot to display them, and watered them in with rose quartz charged water. How much more love could I squeeze into one present?

It was fun to hand it over, even more so when I told her I’d no idea what would grow. We’ll have fun watching the seedlings emerge, and more fun trying to identify each plant. I know I will think of her whenever I check up on my pot. If I’m lucky, the plants may be perennials, in which case neither of us will forget the other.

I’ll finish off with a quote I wrote in her card –

“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” – Eckhart Tolle

Wishing you all a blessed Thursday xx

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Reaching my first century!

What a pleasant surprise I had today. Half way through a very dull piece of work I heard a “ping” on my apple watch. I know I should have ignored it but the only notification that goes “ping” in this particular way is WordPress. I can’t resist having a sneaky peak to see what it is.

Do I have a new post like?

Has someone left me a comment or liked one of mine?

Or do I have a new follower?

Today I reached my first century for followers. New blogger (well newer than me!) Sarahbeth26 became my 100th follower. I’d love to say there was a prize for being the 100th follower, but sadly, you just get more of my witterings!

And to the other 99 of you, I extend my sincerest thanks for your follows.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone xx