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SoCS – the best laid plans…

Ooo! Fab! It’s been a while since I had the luxury of chilling out on a Saturday morning, in bed with a coffee to hand. With no prior engagements, the weekend is mine to do what I fancy.

Given the warmer weather, I feel a gardening project coming on… namely installing a prefabricated waterfall feature and the necessary electrics. As ever, we are at the mercy of the weather, as well as chores which we can’t ignore. The pup had to be walked, shopping done, cars washed, grass cut etc. The waterfall is still in the box, but I have had a wonderful time, floating in the hot tub, fab new (limited edition) gin and tonic to hand, sunglasses on, admiring our handiwork.

I guess the garden project can wait!

Wishing you all a fabulous Saturday xx

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Heavens above

As some you lovely readers may be aware, a major purchase arrived in the Dean household in May, a hot tub (Oi! Who called it a sex pond? How rude!). Mr D and I have soaked our weary bodies on an almost daily basis ever since. Even a heavy downpour couldn’t keep us out. Wet is wet, right. No need to get out just because you’re gonna get rained on!!

Here are a few words to describe things since the big switch on:

Therapeutic – there’s nothing better than being massaged by the jets after a hard day gardening

Magical – floating around in warm water while watching the bats fly overhead at dusk

Comical – trying to sneak in and out of the tub, butt naked, without being seen by the neighbours!

Musical – chilling out to music while floating our cares away

Astronomical – I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky and now I have a fantastic app which shows me the constellations in real time. Star gazing has never been so much fun. Of all the benefits, this one, for me, appeals to my selenological nature.

This week’s #SoCS is prompted by the fantastic Linda G Hill

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