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JusJoJan 20th – Always look on the bright side…

… of life! This is particularly important when things seem to be sent to try you. An ability to see the humorous side of things can help the beastly time pass more quickly.

Mind you, waking up in the wee small hours with a crampy tummy and ominous gurgles can only mean that I am in for a rough couple of days with a tummy bug. I shall need a sense of humour to get me through. My family certainly seem to be making the most of my misfortune.

Ah well, nothing for it but to grin and bear it, while keeping myself as hydrated as possible. The upside is that I have missed Blue Monday at work and have spent my time (between urgent trips to the loo) wisely with jigsaws, blogging, and soothing herbal teas. See, even when I’m feeling rough, my sense of humour hasn’t disappeared.

Have a wonder Monday everyone.

Goodness… the 20th prompt of JusJoJan, hosted by Linda G Hill. Thanks to Sadje for today’s prompt, humor.