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JusJoJan 14th – My favourite magical family

Todays prompt is ready for your enjoyment. Pop over to see Linda G Hill, our host, and Maggie (owner of todays word).

As an avid Harry Potter fan, you know exactly where my mind jumped when I read the word “freckled”! The Weasley family of course! My train of thought was further fuelled by the fact I’m wearing a Weasley Jumper. It’s a bit nippy in Yorkshire today.

Whilst my jumper isn’t the work of Mrs Weasley herself, it is inspired by her. The Dean Family often refer to me as Mrs Weasley. Apparently I have her fierceness, but I don’t have her freckles and gloriously red hair.

Only one of the Dean family is freckled… Mr D. The number of freckles changes in direct proportion to the amount of sunlight he experiences. So, for the most part, here in the UK, he’s either mildly freckled on a pasty pale skin, or super-freckled on a rosy pink skin!

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JusJoJan 13th

Linda’s daily prompt for JusJoJan is up, protocol’, courtesy of John Hilton. Please visit them and give them a follow if you’re not already a follower.

As a former science student, my life was ruled by lab protocols, designed to keep us safe and stop us from inadvertently causing chaos. I though I’d seen the last of them once I’d graduated. But no, my working life is governed by them. Sometimes I long to ignore them, but the true scientist within won’t let me.

In reality, my mind first went to Tom Cruise when I read the word for today… Ghost Protocol! I’m a secret (not so secret) Cruise fan, and have been since the days of Top Gun. (Starts humming… Kenny Loggins Danger Zone) and now you have it stuck in your head too! Sorry (not sorry)!

Then my warped mind wandered off quotes I remembered…

Protocol is etiquette with a government expense account.

Judith S. Martin

Given the state of affairs here in the UK… Protocol needs to have its expense account suspended, banished to the naughty step, and not allowed any more parties until it can prove it can behave itself with a modicum of decorum!

(Steps off soap box!)