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One-liner Wednesday – Oops! I may have overestimated my abilities…

What have I been up to this time? Well… I’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau in which no poundage has departed from my body over the past two weeks.

How annoying! But I’m not beaten. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I can add I some strength work (which I’ve avoided for 2years) and I can add some sprint work on my stationary bike ride.

I opted for both! Not only that, I followed the strength workout to the letter! Loads of reps per set and loads of sets! I could barely walk afterwards.

In my defence, I did stretch afterwards. However, no amount of stretching could undo the damage. My quads and hamstrings are screaming. My inner leg muscles are equally annoyed and my butt is on fire!

Needless to say, I’ve overdone it. There’s nothing to do but rest the muscles, gently stretch them out and restart next week.

This time I’ll do fewer reps and sets!!

Today’s very-nearly one-liner is part of Linda G Hill’s weekly challenge. Click here you sit get blog.

Blog Posts, Prompts

JusJoJan 14th – My favourite magical family

Todays prompt is ready for your enjoyment. Pop over to see Linda G Hill, our host, and Maggie (owner of todays word).

As an avid Harry Potter fan, you know exactly where my mind jumped when I read the word “freckled”! The Weasley family of course! My train of thought was further fuelled by the fact I’m wearing a Weasley Jumper. It’s a bit nippy in Yorkshire today.

Whilst my jumper isn’t the work of Mrs Weasley herself, it is inspired by her. The Dean Family often refer to me as Mrs Weasley. Apparently I have her fierceness, but I don’t have her freckles and gloriously red hair.

Only one of the Dean family is freckled… Mr D. The number of freckles changes in direct proportion to the amount of sunlight he experiences. So, for the most part, here in the UK, he’s either mildly freckled on a pasty pale skin, or super-freckled on a rosy pink skin!