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#JusJoJan 11th – I want one of those too!

Mr D received a letter in Saturday with NHS stamped all over it. At first we thought it might be to call him in for a ‘well man’ check, the type men have when they reach a certain milestone age. Then we thought it might be an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine, but he’s not old enough for that. The docs are still making their way through the care homes and over 80s. What it turned out to be, was a letter informing him that he is entitled to a free flu jab but that records show he hasn’t had one.

Hmmm. We didn’t need a letter to tell us that. Our local surgery hasn’t call him in for one yet as they are still doing the older age groups.

“Where’s mine?” I cried. “I’m older that you so I should be further up the list!”

So I don’t have a letter for a flu jab, but I do have a different letter, one telling me I’m being laid my full bonus for last year and a wee pay rise for this year. Now those are the sort of letters I love.

Today’s wittering is sponsored by Linda G Hill and her annual JusJoJan challenge. Click here for the lowdown on taking part. It’s never too late, unless it’s February. Then it’s too late!

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One-liner Wednesday – Going Cuckoo!

Cuckoo Clock – more accurate than my morning Cuckoo!

Earlier than usual, I heard the first cuckoo of Spring on my morning run. Summer’s just round the corner! Just as well I didn’t rely on him to tell me the time… he was so happy he got to 33 o’clock before going quiet again.

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