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JusJoJan 13th

Linda’s daily prompt for JusJoJan is up, protocol’, courtesy of John Hilton. Please visit them and give them a follow if you’re not already a follower.

As a former science student, my life was ruled by lab protocols, designed to keep us safe and stop us from inadvertently causing chaos. I though I’d seen the last of them once I’d graduated. But no, my working life is governed by them. Sometimes I long to ignore them, but the true scientist within won’t let me.

In reality, my mind first went to Tom Cruise when I read the word for today… Ghost Protocol! I’m a secret (not so secret) Cruise fan, and have been since the days of Top Gun. (Starts humming… Kenny Loggins Danger Zone) and now you have it stuck in your head too! Sorry (not sorry)!

Then my warped mind wandered off quotes I remembered…

Protocol is etiquette with a government expense account.

Judith S. Martin

Given the state of affairs here in the UK… Protocol needs to have its expense account suspended, banished to the naughty step, and not allowed any more parties until it can prove it can behave itself with a modicum of decorum!

(Steps off soap box!)

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JusJoJan 9th – more than one way to sparkle

Astrid has provided today’s word – unicorn, as part of Linda G Hill’s January challenge. Pop over and say Hi to both of them.

I’ve never admitted to owning grey hairs. It’s simply a sign of my inner unicorn showing through.

On the other hand, my idiot dog, aka the dustbin on four legs, is showing her inner unicorn in quite a different way. Do not proceed if you have a delicate stomach.

It turns out that I don’t have a unicorn leaving ‘deposits’ in my back garden. It’s actually my own pooch. During Christmas she loved nothing better than to lick the tiled floor in our dining room, post mealtimes. Ordinarily this should not pose too much of a problem. However, this year we had a party bomb which launched hats, masks, pea shooters and a never-ending heap of sparkles!!

The sparkles have passed through undigested, hence the sparkling poop! Personally, I prefer my type of inner unicorn!