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One-liner Wednesday – when you know, you know!

This little nugget of inspiration was promoted by my daily tarot card draw… The High Priestess, queen of intuition and wisdom. Note to self, remember to balance logic with gut feelings.

Thanks to Linda G Hill for hosting this midweek prompt. Click here to pop over and say Hi.

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Hidden blessings

As you may know from a previous post, I been put in contact with an old flame. It turns out that he is in his final few months of life after a major battle with melanoma and secondaries.

We’ve exchanged a few email but these have dried up somewhat due to him going through what he calls a rough patch. All this has left me feeling quite raw and emotional. From the couple of emails he’s written it seems there is an ex-wife, an ex-partner and a twenty year old child in his life since we parted. Communication with the two ex-partners is limited but at least his daughter has decided to stay with him so I know he’s not entirely on his own.

So what is my role in all this? I’ve no idea but I get the feeling he needs to feel ok that we split up the way we did. He may need to know that I look back on our time together with nothing but fondness, and I count him as a blessing in my life.

He helped me to know what I wanted in a partner so that when I did find “the one” I’d know it. And I did. Of course I snogged many a frog on the way to finding my prince, but find him I did. Literally within days of meeting Mr D I knew he was “the one”… and still is to this day.

Thank you Mr T xx