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#1linerWednesday and JusJoJan 26th – a pleasant surprise

It’s not over ‘til it’s over.

Yogi Berra

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather! My inbox contained a plea for help from my boss. He spoke to his boss about my request to be regraded (up the way!!) and the big boss said yes! All I have to do is send in supporting evidence for him to take to HR! And here’s me thinking it was all over.

No matter what happens, I’m delighted that I have two champions on my side.

Today’s post is part of Linda G Hill’s One-liner Wednesday challenge combined with her JusJoJan challenge. Click here to see the rules of engagement and join in the fun!

Blog Posts, Prompts

JusJoJan 25th – daily records

Today’s word, journal, is brought to you by Scarlet and hosted by Linda G Hill. Please visit both of them.

I hadn’t realised, until today’s prompt, just how long I’ve been keeping a journal. 17 years! And not only a daily journal, I keep a yoga journal too! My good friend at Nenya’s Tarot keeps a daily Tarot journal! Our journal covers are an amazing array of designs, depending on our moods when we bought them.

It’s fun to read the older journals. It can be quite a trip down Memory Lane. Some of the things I used to sweat bullets over! Today’s me would advise old me to take a breath… and another breath, and move on!

Ah, the benefit of hindsight, as brought to you, by your very own hand.