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Cards of the week: choose your thoughts wisely

New week, new deck!

What a great partnership these two cards of the week make. The Angel Oracle card reminds us to choose our thoughts with care, to focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want. The Empress is all about abundance, fruition and nurturing. Just look at the way she’s tending the dragon!

The more observant of you will notice I’ve changed decks this week. I bought a new deck whilst on holiday and decided the best way to get acquainted was to use it for my card of the week and card of the day draws. I’m using the Legends of Tarot by Anne Stokes. The art work for the Aces, Court Cards and Major Arcana is beautiful. The suits are represented by butterflies (pentacles), dragons (swords), unicorns (wands) and wolves (cups). The 2s through to 10s are simple pip cards, with the suit motif in the background. It reminds me to brush up on numerology as I don’t have the imagery I’m used to in other decks.

Anyway, on with the weekly draw. I’m focusing on what I want. It’s a long list, and some items will have to wait due to COVID-19 restrictions. That said, I’m focusing on losing lockdown weight-gain (only 4 more pounds to go) and feeling healthier and flexible. Directing my thoughts in this way will help me reach my goals. The Law of Attraction card reminds me that whatever thoughts I choose, I will attract. So, instead of saying ‘I don’t want to be overweight’ I turn this into ‘I achieve a healthy weight for myself’. Next time you’re tempted to think about what you don’t want, stop. Take a breath. Observe that thought and turn it into a positive, then proceed.

In order to achieve my goal of a healthy body, I embrace the energy of The Empress, mentally nurture that image of me fitting into my jeans again, and physically do something about it. In my case I rejoined Slimming World, but you do whatever feels right for you. Whatever you decide to do to nurture yourself, know that it will pay dividends. After all, a healthy you is good for not only you, but also for your nearest and dearest.

Until next week, stay safe and healthy.

Julie xx

Blog Posts, Tarot

Being your own cheerleader

Nice enough weather for outdoor readings

The week I have worked outside my comfort zone, using reversals, as well as being outside in the glorious sunshine. How timely that a reversal should pop up in these week’s ‘card of the week’ draw. It feels to me that reversals are an invitation to address energy blocks we might experience within, or an indication of needing to pay attention to our perception of ourselves with respect to the card drawn.

The Angel oracle card’s message is about what happens when you think or believe a certain way about yourself. For example, if I believe I am no good at something, I most certainly will be rubbish at it. If, however, I change my thinking to ‘With every attempt I get better and better’, then I have more chance of success.

Back to the cards… the upright five of Pentacles is often associated with financial loss, worries and feeling like you don’t have enough of whatever it is you’re lacking (money, a job, time etc). When I saw it reversed the first thought was ‘don’t sell yourself short!’. When taken together with the oracle card, I feel this week’s advice is to be mindful of how I think about myself. I am enough, just as I am. I am in charge of my thoughts and it’s up to me to be my own cheerleader. So here’s my mantra for the week… ‘Because I’m worth it!’

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead.

Julie xx