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#SoCS – The power of the little voice

How do you start your day? You know the bit when you are just coming out of sleep but not quite awake? Is your inner voice already up and at it? What’s the tone of the little voice? Does it sound positive, full of possibilities for a great day ahead? Or is it already listing things that could go wrong?

“Urgh! Another day in the office! I hate the commute!”

“I’ll bet all the parking spaces are gone!”

And so it happens. The traffic is a nightmare, with nobody letting you filter in to join the queue. That makes you late for work, so of course, all the decent parking spaces are gone. By the time you make it to your desk, you’re feeling Monday Morningish, all day.


We could rewind and start like this.

“I am calm and content with the flow of life.”

“I enjoy listening to the radio on the way to work.”

There’s nothing quite so effective in setting up your day in a pleasant frame, than a couple of positive affirmations. It may not change the state of the commute, but it will change your attitude towards it, keeping your stress hormones nice and low. Who knows, you might hear your all-time favourite tunes while you wait. So take advantage and sing along, play the steering wheel bongos, and if the traffic is really bad, let loose the air-guitar! It will make you feel better and entertain the other commuters. Just remember to be safe!

Wishing you all a zen Saturday.

Cath (hair brush diva)xx

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Blog Posts, Prompts

#JusJoJan 14th – Mirror, mirror on the wall…

woman holding mirror against her head in the middle of forest

… who’s gonna kick work-ass today?

My own reflection is one of the first things I see every morning as I get ready to face the day. I have a little ritual I do as I brush my teeth. I look myself right in the eyes and tell myself a positive affirmation. It helps me to set up the day in the right frame of mind for positive outcomes.

The more I am my own cheerleader, the more likely I am to have a good day. And when I meet the occasional speed bump, I’m in a good state to be able to deal with it without having a major meltdown.

It’s amazing how powerful mirror work can be… click here for more information from Louise Hay’s site.

Wishing you all a motivational Monday.

Cath xx

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