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SoCS – The perils of leaky footwear!

The UK is currently enduring the menace that is Storm Denis. Molly, our mad Labrador couldn’t care less that it’s raining horizontally. She wants out for her daily walkies what ever the weather.

Armed with wellies and waterproof jackets, Mr D and I braved the deluge, heading off for our favourite forest walk. Upon arriving at the car park, it became clear that the flooding from Storm Chiara last week was being topped up by Denis.

You’d be forgiven for thinking what’s Cath fussing about? She has wellies. She can wade through to the path. Quite right. That’s what I was thinking too, right up till I discovered leaks! Shocked by the sudden surge of freezing muddy water into my wellies, I lost my balance, tried to recover it, and failed miserably. Gravity won and Pup, unwilling to miss an opportunity to make things worse, bounded over to my prostrate body and gave me a massive slurp on both facial cheeks!

I spent the whole walk with squelching feet and soggy, mud-encrusted butt cheeks. I tell you here and now, I’m not going out until Denis the Menace has blown himself away!

Thanks go to Linda for her weekly prompt, cheek! Pop on over and say hi. I’m off to make myself a hot chocolate with a cheeky wee nip of whisky to chase out the damp!