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Every day is a school day!

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Today I’ve learned that even though I am right handed, my left hand is faster and more accurate at touch typing. I’m somewhat surprised at this as I used to play the piano to a reasonable standard, which requires a good degree of ambidextrousness. So what is up with the right hand?

My right pinky is reluctant to move in the right direction. It has a mind of its own… striking out for the square brackets, and the enter key instead of ‘p’ and ‘;’ . As for my ring finger, it seems to be refusing to take part in any of this learning to type nonsense, preferring to leave everything to the middle and index fingers… lazy thing!

To add to the difficulty, the lesson for today was all about the number row at the top … urgh! Now my reluctant right pinky expected to stretch even further for the correct keys. The program I’m using has a hand guide running at the bottom of the screen to help get your fingers in the right position. The trouble is, mine keep wandering out of position, well the right hand does.

So far lefty has been the best behaved hand, mastering the new numbers with relative ease. I do believe it’s showing off because it can finally do something better than righty. Righty has been the dominant hand for virtually all my life, living in Righty’s shadow, but now it’s blazing a trail and getting the gold stars.

One thing’s for sure. Typing out this post has made me practice everything I’ve learned so far. One day I may reach the dizzy heights of 50 words per minute instead of 50 mistakes per minute. It’s a work in progress.

Happy Tuesday my lovelies xx

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#SoCS – back to school!

‘Goodness me! What a great prompt, Linda.’


‘What’s an adverb? I know I know the answer. It’s just a tad buried in the ol’ brain’ I mutter, fairly perplexed.

‘I’ll google it. That’s not cheating. It’s researching!’ snuffing out an inner argument quickly, before it gets going.

‘Aha! Here we go…’

a word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance, manner, cause, degree, etc. (e.g., gently, quite, then, there ).

‘Oh heck. There’s more than one type!’ I splutter loudly, much to Mr D’s surprise.

‘What are you wittering on about, Cath? he asks with a level of irritation.

‘Adverbs. Linda’s prompt is adverbs. I was just checking my understanding before I write.’ I reply. ‘There’s five types of the little grammatical blighters!’

‘You sound surprised, Cath.’ says Mr D, grinning broadly.

‘Okay, Mr Smarty Pants, enlighten me.’ This should be funny. Mr D is not known for his grasp of grammar and punctuation. He’s been known to write entire paragraphs using just one solitary comma.

‘Well, as far as I remember, adverbs describe stuff like how, when, where, how much and how often.’ he says, somewhat smugly.

‘Wow! How do you remember all that weird grammar stuff?’ I reply, clearly in awe of his knowledge.

‘I don’t. I just looked it up on Pinterest while you were busy having a small meltdown. There’s loads of cheat sheets on practically every grammatical thingy you can think of.’ he says, waving his iPad victoriously at me.

‘Every day’s a school day.’ I reply in gracious defeat.

‘More so with you around, Cath!’ he says, swiftly ducking out of my reach.

Should I let him have the last word? Yes. It does him good to surprise me occasionally.


Today’s weekend nonsense was prompted by Linda G Hill and the word ‘adverb’.