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#SoCS – Having too much fun with the word “stick”

What a cool word – stick. I can think of plenty of examples from my week where the use of “stick” was ideal.

On Monday I resigned from my job of over ten years! I love my job, but I’m not a fan of the way things are going now that we are under new management. If I’d had to resign to one of the new management team, I might not have been so polite and accommodating. I would have loved nothing better than to tell them them to “stick their idea of my new job description up where the sun don’t shine!!” – very un-Cathlike!!

Of course, I wouldn’t and I didn’t. I kept a suitable level of decorum. Mind you, I was sorely tempted to say it to the integration and migration team that were instrumental in the destruction of my job. We had our first “all hands” Teams meeting the day after I formally resigned. During the round robin of introductions, I told them my news.

The looks on their faces was priceless. I wish we had recorded the meeting for posterity. As it is, I will content myself with sticking it in my memory.

Closer to home, now that I’m back walking the pup (I sprained my ankle over the Easter weekend), I notice she has developed a new habit. For the past few weeks, while Mr D has been on solo pup-walking duties, I noticed that said pup always comes home with a mucky face, even in dry weather.

Today, I now know why. As soon as we are well into the lunchtime route, she disappears around the other side of the hedgerow. I followed her and discovered the source of the muck. She sticks her head as far down rabbit holes as she can in a frantic effort to reach bunnies.

Sometimes she’s lucky and whoever is walking her gets to spend the rest of the walk trying to get the bunny off her. Mostly, she fails, returning to her human in a bunny-less state, but with a face full of dirt!

I’m sticking to my word limit (400) for this post and signing off.

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