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One-liner Wednesday – mindfulness

‘Prayer is when we talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you.’

Looks like we’ve had quite a long chat!

Today’s midweek pondering is brought to you by Linda G Hill and my meditation app, Headspace.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday xx

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Tuesday meditation visualisation

It’s so amazing what springs to mind while walking the pup in foul weather. There we were, trudging head-long into a fierce cold wind, rain lashing my face when I had an idea for a meditation/visualisation.

Standing tall in the middle of a bridge over a small stream, allow any cares or worries you’ve been holding onto, to drop gently into the flow. (Lucky me, I was actually standing in exactly this spot.)

Watch, or in my case, walk beside them, as they make their way downstream. In your mind’s eye, picture the stream widening just before it joins a river, the cares and worries still bobbing along.

See your little trouble tumble over rapids, rest in eddies, before rejoining the main stream, as it widens, nearing it’s estuary.

As the river joins the sea, your care/worry becomes microscopic, almost transparent. It’s hard to spot it in the large body of water.

Far out to sea, away from land, the sun is shining, warming the surface and transforming your now tiny care/worry into a water droplet, light as a feather. Floating in the rising warmth, the droplet makes its way skyward to join a white, fluffy cloud.

Caught in a breeze, the cloud, cuddling your care/worry, drifts slowly back towards land. As the droplets make their long way back to earth, they are momentarily transformed into something wonderful. The sun, still shining, has brought out the hidden quality of each transparent droplet – a rainbow.

And so your care/worry has finished its journey, transformed, and you have a sign of hope.

Meanwhile… back in the real world, my journey home featured jumping in puddles, splashing an already mucky pup and a good hosing down before we were allowed back into our cosy house.

Wishing you all a tranquil Tuesday.

Cath xx

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Mind over matter

img_4094It’s time for a little update on my Couch-to-5K challenge. What started out as a running challenge has now morphed into a mind challenge. Week 7 is the first week of continuous runs, no walking breaks. This shouldn’t pose much of a problem as the previous week saw me running for 15 minutes continuously, followed by a three minute walking break and another small run at the end. I felt comfortable throughout.

The continuous runs (20 minutes) seem much more of a challenge than a mere extra five minutes would suggest. Why is this? I suspect my head is getting in the way of my feet. I’m thinking about the whole run and the absence of walking breaks. The last run of week 7 is tomorrow. Before I head out, I think I will visit Headspace and listen to the running meditation to see if it helps me get over this mental hurdle.

As encouragement, the Couch to 5K app awarded me a badge. It may be a virtual badge, but I’m so proud to have it nonetheless.

Wishing you all a happy Friday Eve xx