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One-liner Wednesday – Knitting hazards

What a pleasant Autumnal pastime is knitting a chunky throw for the sofa. The gentle clickety-clack as the needles pass each other. The snuggly feel of the yarn as is passes through your fingers. Right up till the throw I’m knitting reaches critical mass, superheating my body and triggering a hot flush!

Buggrit! Pass me a fan (again!)

Today’s hot one-liner comes from Linda G Hill’s weekly prompt. Click here to find out how to join in the fun.

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Playing a new game…

… well actually it’s not that new. The game I’m playing is Whack-a-Mole! My mallet is a combination of herbs and vitamins and the moles are new and weird menopause symptoms.

No sooner do I have one whacked into submission when two or three more pop up, intermittently, chuckling evilly at my attempts to flatten them. The intermittent ones are the worst. They pretend they’ve been hammered, only to turn up again when you least expect it.

My doc must think I’ve lost the plot even though he said I should call or make an appointment if ever I’m worried about something. I could employ him full time and his work would never be done! And I’m just one person. From my research on various menopause forums I know there’s a whole generation of women out there desperately seeking reassurance and knowledge.

We need classes in our early 40s, classes like we had for personal health (at school) or pregnancy and childbirth. We could do with a menopause doula, a meno-buddy, as we journey towards the big M, as well as afterwards.

We’d also need to be sponsored by Prosecco and/or gin.

I’m on my soapbox today so watch out world, I’m channeling one of the seven dwarves of menopause:







No prizes for guessing which one I’m channeling today!

Oh wait…. I forgot one, Forgetful.

Happy Friday Eve everyone xx

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Ah! That’s better.

The calm after the storm is all the sweeter for having weathered the storm. I think the heady combination of multiple celebrations back to back and the lunar eclipse had quite a disruptive effect on me over the past few days.

Fortunately I’ve learned that these storms do pass. Sometimes you have to ride them out, and other times you need to give yourself a good talking to. Today was ‘talking to’ time.

Pup was hitched up to her lead earlier than usual. She looked at me as if to say

“What’s up Mum? We’re headed out way earlier than usual and you have a ‘look’ that says this is going to be a speed march!”

“It’ll do us both good, pup. I need to have a strong word with myself, and your walk route is the best place for it. Nobody to overhear me.”

An hour later, my move target on my Apple Watch completely smashed, we trooped back in, hot and bothered but happier. Well at least I was. Pup was thirsty and gave me a bit of a reproachful look.

Filled with a renewed sense of purpose and energy, I decided to bake bread without using my mixer. Normally I chuck everything into the bowl, attach the dough hook, and let it do the work. Not today. I was on a mission. There’s nothing quite so much fun as getting your hands into the flour, fingers in a claw shape, and giving everything a good squish. Tactile fun with the added bonus of decent bread at the end.

Next was the kneading… the bit I’m usually happy to leave to the machine. I’d forgotten how tiring it can be. It was almost a full upper body workout! In the past I used to pretend that the dough was a person who’d annoyed me. Great for getting you through the tiring muscle bit. Not today. Today I wanted my bread filled with renewed energy, love, and happiness, so that’s what I focused on as I thumped the poor defenceless dough into shape.

With the weather still warm, the warming wasn’t needed, just a disposable shower cap over my mixing bowl and time.

What to do while I waited?

Listen to a Deepak Chopra talk followed by a pedicure. With everyone one out of the house I had the peace and quiet I needed to listen to the talk. I did not do anything else at the same time… just listened. I used to pride myself on my ninja multitasking skills. Now I see that as not paying attention to what I’m doing. At last I was a human simply being, in the listening state.

It was a great eye-opener… lots of ‘aha’ moments as well as being timely (thank you again, universe).

Then I dug out an unused Christmas pressy… a pedicure kit. An hour later my tootsies were smooth, trimmed, and Barbie pink and my bread dough was ready for knocking back and shaping.

After another Hay House talk the dough was ready for the oven. It would seem that a good talking too was just what I needed.

By the way, the bread turned out delicious.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday xxx

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Timely help. Thank you universe!

Girl relaxing on the beach at sunrise, beautiful cloudy sky reflected on the beach, pier in the background, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

I’m still in a bit of a post-celebratory dip, feeling flat and a little tearful. Damned menopause!

At least a good read through WordPress helps – and here’s a great tool for anyone, whether you are feeling up, down, or simply middling along.

Thanks to Dr Perry for helping to lift my spirits and gain a little more equilibrium.


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Nothing is impossible in our all-powerful minds

How interesting that the universe chose this song to wake me up this morning.

And then, waiting for me in my inbox, was an invite to watch some presentations on the Hay House Heal Summit… Dr Joe Dispenza’s Programming your mind for remarkable recovery. Out of curiosity I listened to the presentation. How amazing to hear his story about how he harnessed the power of his own mind to repair significant spinal damage following a terrible road traffic accident.

Defying modern Western medical perceptions, he repaired the damage to his spine by focussing on visualising being healed already and activating his own healing powers amongst other strategies.

It got me thinking about how my own husband is so successful at his job. When I listen to him talking, he describes future events as if they have already happened. Without knowing it, he uses strong visualisation to get what he needs to make things work for him.

I’m going to employ his strategies to help with post-menopause stuff. I described what I had in mind to him and he called it “hippy bollocks!” but to go with whatever makes me happy. He makes me laugh with his description of my practices but he is so supportive. I amuse him most of the time, which is better than pissing him off or having him mock me without humour.

So tonight, me and my hippy bollocks are sorting out some epic hot flushes, wonky shoulder joints, and recurring plantar fascia!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Happy Friday my lovelies xxx

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One-liner Wednesday … Scary Hormones!

“This isn’t life in the fast lane. This is life in the oncoming traffic.” – Sir Terry Pratchett.

I’m pretty sure Sir Terry wasn’t talking about being inside the mind of a menopausal woman, but this quote really resonates with me today. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on all the bloomin’ changes, another one pops up to scare the living daylights out of me!

I could do with a strong dose of Granny Weatherwax grit and bravery and a glass of Nanny Ogg’s famous Scumble (like scrumpy cider, only more deadly!)

This week’s One-liner Wednesday …. Linda G Hill. Pop over for the lowdown on taking part in this mid-week madness.

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When is a weed not a weed?

When it’s a welcome ingredient in a tea or salad.

My lovely daughter bought me a wonderful book on herb cultivation and their uses. The illustrations are so pretty, and the information balanced between magical and health properties.

Armed with long sleeves, super-tough gardening gloves and a pair of secateurs I managed to gather a nice bunch of nettles! The neighbours must think I’m bonkers, but I’m old enough to not worry about such things. I dare say they’ll get used to it.

The leaves are chock full of potassium and iron, perfect for strengthening the blood and fighting off anaemia, while the roots can be boiled and drunk to help with common allergies. I hope it tastes ok because my hay fever is bad today!

Nettle tea is also helpful in regulating blood sugar levels, ideal for helping weight management during menopause.

As a bonus, the flowers seem to be covered in bees and butterflies. I am debating whether to cultivate them on purpose, in a small sport in the garden, but I may have a hard time getting this idea past hubby!

On the magical property side, nettles are used in protection, healing, and curse-breaking. As I’m pretty sure I’m not cursed or sick at the moment (except for menopause) I guess I might make use of the protection side of things. The book has this suggestion for protection.

“Sew a large nettle leaf into your clothing, stinging side facing outwards, to protect yourself.”

I note it doesn’t mention how to sew the leaf without stinging myself! I wonder if a staple gun would work just as well as needle and thread?

Only time will tell if Nettles and I become friends. I may need to experiment with less stingy herbs first… chamomile sounds nice and friendly.

Wishing you all a blessed Tuesday xx