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One-liner Wednesday – time to change your game plan

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do

John Wooden – the Wizard of Westwood!

Times are challenging for everyone. Life as we’ve known it is on hold. I’ve stopped scanning the news every hour… too depressing. Instead I’m focussing on what I can do. I can scrub my greenhouse and get it ready to grow salad greens. I can knock my front garden into shape while chatting with neighbours from a safe distance. I can do an on-line yoga class. Outdoor meditation in the peace of my back garden. When I put my mind to it the list grows, one idea snowballing from another.

What’s everyone else doing to keep chipper? Whatever it is, stay safe and healthy.

Cath xx

Today’s midweek wisdom is part of Linda G Hill‘s prompt challenge. Pop on over to her site for the rules of engagement.