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#1linerWednesday & JusJoJan 12th – time out

It’s the second week of January. My resolution to rediscover my racing-snake form is still in tact. Work is flying along at a great pace. However, in order to keep going, I need some balance. Moments of simply being a human, being, are needed to recharge the batteries for when I need to be a human, doing!

This little nugget of wisdom is part of Linda G Hill’s 1linerWednesday challenge, as well as my offering for JusJoJan. Pop over and say “Hi”. Join in the fun.

Blog Posts, Prompts

#SoCS and JusJoJan 8th – Getting off to a good start for 2022

Hooray! It’s the weekend, and that means a joint venture between Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#SoCS) and JusJoJan annual January challenge. Thanks to Linda G Hill for hosting these weird and wonderful prompts. Today’s prompt is to use the words “In the…”. So here we go.

At the beginning of the year, just shortly after I stepped off the bathroom scales, I found myself in the depths of despair…. Again!

This is an annual event. Every November I try to get into racing-snake form before the season of overindulgence begins. I figure that dropping a few pounds before the big Ho Ho Ho, will give me more room for feasting and quality-testing my gin collection. And every year Christmas seems to sneak up on me while my waistbands are already feeling the strain.

So here we are, testing the breaking strain of jeans buttons and bemoaning my lack of self control. However, me being me, after a moment of sulking, came out of my corner ready to battle the bulge once more.

I’m pleased to report that in the first week of getting my head in the game and being more mindful of my nutritional intake, a few pesky pounds have left home. The jeans button is no longer threatening to launch itself at twice the speed of sound. Now comes the hard bit… staying on track and waving bye bye to more of those wee pounds!

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy 2022!