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Just as well it’s Monday…

Young hipster woman tired for work and nap on workplace .

… said few people, ever! I don’t think my body would cope with another wild weekend!

Strictly speaking, I haven’t actually uttered these words aloud, but they did wander across my mind. I blame the dawn chorus for waking me up at 4am! Who thinks rational thoughts at stupid o’clock in the morning? Not me for sure.

So what prompted this daft notion? In short, a weekend of living as if I were back in my student years. I’m not even remotely sorry, just a bit tired, and my liver may well be waving a white flag!

Mr D and I took advantage of an empty house, and empty neighbours house, to pretty much do what we fancied, when we fancied, accountable to nobody else. The glass recycling wheelie bin is full to the brim! The hot tub was used so much that I think I’m growing webbed feet! I certainly got my moneys worth out of my streamed music subscription, blasting out through the built-in speakers!

We stayed out late on purpose, making the most of the UK heat wave. To me, there is something special about the clear night sky in midsummer. It never seems to get completely dark, just a deep velvety blue, enhanced by moonlight and stars and the occasional bat!

All this decadent living has caught up with me today. I wish I had the stamina to keep up the wild lifestyle all week but I don’t. Instead I have the attention span of a gnat and my work-mojo has disappeared. I’d rather be outside pottering in my garden instead of looking at it from my office window.

Ah well. There’s always next weekend, but scaled down to accommodate the returning free-range adult kids!

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday.

Cath xx


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Monday meh!

What is going on here? I’m normally Mrs Chirpy, even on a Monday, but the most I can manage today is ‘meh’! The sun is shining. Birds are starting to build nests. Leaves are beginning burst forth. Spring is most definitely on its way at long last. So why the flat feeling?

I have no idea.

Maybe I am simply feeling the effects of yesterday’s clock change to BST. Could the loss of sixty minutes in bed be responsible? Very possibly. Insomnia is a regular bedtime companion, more than I would like. I need more sleep than I actually get, otherwise my ability to tolerate everyday trials and tribulations is somewhat diminished. I think that one hour was enough to tip me over the edge.

I dare say normal service will resume once I’ve reacclimatised to the longer days.

What do you do to pull yourselves out of a mood dip? Let me know in the comments section.

Roll on Tuesday xx