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One-liner Wednesday – Giving nature a home

My new pet bumble bee.

With humans spending more time being instead of doing, nature seems to be more comfortable making itself at home closer to us. I was about to empty the debris our of this urn when an angry buzzing sound erupted from the inside. I hastily replaced it, whipped out my phone to snap a pic of whatever was sounding the warning and saw this! I think I shall name it “Bumbledore”. I wouldn’t mind, but I have a purpose-built insect hotel with accomodation for bees included… it’s empty!!

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Blog Posts, Prompts

One-liner Wednesday – The early bird…

… doesn’t always catch a basic worm, it can catch a chaos worm. Today the catching of said worm ended up in an epic aerial battle with two other ‘early’ birds.

So intent on their prize were they, that they completely ignored a passing runner (me), flew through their legs (much to my surprise) and nearly upended the destabilised runner!

I might run later, just for safety!

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