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It’s oh so quiet…

… and oh so still.

Nothing but the wind susurrating through the trees and me, welly-boot clad, scrunching and crunching through the fallen leaves.

The peace is momentarily shattred by a shrill squawk of a very surprised pheasant. Poor thing had no idea pup was sneaking up on him.

We’re enjoying the peace for now.

After sunset I expect it will be a differenct story, a noisy riot in the form of fireworks. Here in the UK it is Guy Fawkes Night which means the night skies will be alight with fireworks. Fortunately pup is not remotely disturbed by them so she and I will wrap up warmly and watch them together.

display pink fireworks celebrate

There’s something magical about the sight of glittering colours, the sounds you feel in your chest, and the smell of gunpowder. I can’t help it. I’ll be oooing and aaaahing like a small kid in a sweetshop.

If you’re taking part, stay safe and enjoy.