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Stop the world, I want to get off!

Happy Friday everyone.

This is a special Friday for me and Mr D. We’re off on a long-overdue holiday. For the next two weeks we will be mostly unplugged and off the grid in an effort to recharge our depleted batteries.

The trip is in celebration of Mr D’s big birthday (one with a zero on the end!) so I’ve pushed the boat out and booked us into a VIP lounge before our flight, and booked a few cultural trips to keep him amused. It’s always fun trying to find a balance between “doing” and “being”. Mr D loves doing, and will walk the hind legs off a donkey. Me? I like to mix it up with some being and some doing. With a bit of planning I think I’ve found the right balance for us.

As we are off the grid, I won’t be posting anything until we return at the beginning of October. Hopefully we will have so many wonderful experiences I will be awash with ideas for a good one-liner for Wednesdays and SoCS.

Until then, dear readers, be good. And if you can’t be good, for heaven sake, don’t get caught.

Cath xx

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Wonderful wizarding weekend

What an epic weekend from start to finish. My family are huge Harry Potter fans as well as Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans. There’s nothing like a good bit of escapism to keep the mind happy.

The adventure began in the train. We packed food, drinks and puzzle games to keep us amused. It was also a great opportunity to teach our daughter how to navigate around the London Underground!

As we’d allowed plenty of time in the journey plan in case of train problems, we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall with an hour to spare, enough time to find the Princess of Wales memorial fountain. It’s beautiful, the moving waters mesmerising.

On our way back to the hall it was easy to spot other concert goers. Kids of all ages dressed in Hogwarts uniforms chattering excitedly in anticipation. My daughter had her Weasley jumper on and her time turner while I wore my watch necklace decorated with the Deathly Hallows symbol.

The buzz of excitement was palpable in the hall. As soon as the lights dimmed a hush fell as the Celeste played those iconic first few notes. Within seconds we were immersed in the wizarding world.

I was fascinated by the technology involved in keeping the orchestra in sync with the film. The conductor and orchestra were flawless. By the end of the concert my eyes had sprung leaks! Soppy Cath. I wasn’t the only one!

And now I’m heading home on the train, not the Hogwarts Express, into the real world where I have to “adult” and be responsible. Boo!

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday xx