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One-liner Wednesday – The importance of self belief

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“Look what you can do when you think you can’t do it. Imagine what you can do if you think you can!” – Cath Dean to Cost Center 1 (daughter) on hearing about her degree success.


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SoCS – party time

Hooray. Cost Centre One has definitely passed her finals so it’s party time in the Dean household.

Now we have a ton of things organise. Graduation gowns, mortar boards, photography, and most importantly, seat reservations for the ceremony. Hubby’s family and my family are coming to watch but we can’t get tickets for all of them. To keep things fair, we added just one more ticket to the booking, for Cost Centre Two. It will do him good to see the end result of years of hard work at university. Who knows, it might spur him on to decide what he’s going to do with his life. The rest of the family can watch the ceremony on the outside broadcast tv screens in adjacent halls.

Just one more reservation to make, the celebration meal afterwards.

Bring it on. I’m so excited… oh and I’ll need to go shopping for a nice outfit and shoes!

Have a super Saturday everyone xx

Today’s SoCS prompt word from Linda G Hill was reservation