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#JusJoJan 4th – far too handy for one’s own good

That’s my opinion of iPads and some epic Christmas present purchasing fails by Mr D.

Armed with an iPad and a seemingly endless supply of beers, Mr D had the whole world of shopping right there, at his fingertips. Slight issue though – the connection twixt brain and fingers often went awry. The best example the Dean household has, is an absolutely massive Toblerone bar, the weight of a hefty newborn baby, bought for Cost Centre 2 (aka my dear son), who’s never once mentioned a liking for said bar.

Mr D only noticed his error when the delivery notice arrived in his in-box. Not only did he not remember ordering it, he was certain it should only weigh a few hundred grams, not several kilos! He thought it might be an outer of chocolate, and that once opened, the box would reveal several smaller bars. But no. Mr D had, in fact, ordered a single bar!!

Fortunately Cost Centre 2 has a sweet tooth, and likes it. Just as well. He’s going to be be nibbling at it all year!!

Today’s prompt was part of Linda G Hill’s JusJoJan challenge. Click here for the gen on how to take part.