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SoCS … what’s in a name?

Continuing the story underpinning my One-liner Wednesday post, I did actually please myself. After a glorious test-drive during which I encountered every rural obstacle possible (wide tractors, horses, cyclists, cars towing caravans, lost drivers stopping suddenly in the middle of the road) I decided to buy the car. All items on my ‘must have’ list are ticked off, as are all items on my ‘nice to have’ list. Perfect!

Now all I need to do is choose a name. My current car is called Mr Grey. He’s a suave pearlescent grey on the outside and dark, mysterious leather on the inside. The new car is a similar shade of grey (but not fifty!) but is cream on the inside. Obviously I can’t keep the same name, so I’m appealing to you lovely readers to help me come up with a new name by Thursday next week, delivery day.

I dare say members of the Dean family have their ideas too, but as they’re likely to be outrageously insane at best, and utterly rude at worst, I’m relying on you to find the middle ground.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Cath xx

For information on taking part in SoCS, click here to visit Lind G Hill.

Blog Posts, Prompts

One-liner Wednesday – whose choice is it anyway?


As I can’t possibly please everyone in the Dean household with my choice of new car, I’m going to please myself.

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