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SoCS – dressing up or down?

Good challenge Linda. Today’s words are chew and/or choo. This reminds me I won’t be around next Saturday as Mr D and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in style, on a heritage railway journey to the seaside. There will be choo-choos galore to drool over. We both love the sound and smell of a steam engine, a living, fire-breathing dragon. This particular line has appeared in many movies and tv shows, including the Harry Potter movies. I can’t help giggling when the trolley wheels through the coaches to the words ‘Anything from the trolley’. They never have any pumpkin pasties or chocolate frogs, much to my disappointment.

Anyway, I digress… we booked this ages ago without paying too much attention to the events happening on the railway line. Our trip is booked for 60s weekend. So here’s the conundrum. I love fancy dress but Mr D vehemently eschews it. He’s happy to turn up in his usual jeans and tee-shirt, but I’m desperate to let loose my inner hippy. Actually, these days she’s not so much ‘inner’ as busting out at the drop of a floppy hat.

We’re going to look like the odd couple, but hey, who’s bothered? Not me. I’m too chilled to be bothered.

I’ll let you know how it goes in future SoCS posts if Linda’s word(s) choice fits the bill.

Wishing you all a fab Saturday xx