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SoCS – Up in the Air

Thank you to Linda G Hill for this week’s SoCS word – toss. Apparently we can use it any way we like. Challenge accepted!

Being the wee Scottish lassie that I am, of course I know all about that wonderful sport that features in every Highland Games gathering, tossing the caber. A caber is a humongous tapered pole of solid larch wood, about 19ft 6 in (5.95m) tall, weighing in at a hefty 12.5 stone (175lb or 79kg). The aim of the game is to toss it so that it turns end over end, landing precisely at the 12 o’clock position… as you do.

My, that’s a big one!

Wikipedia has a few interesting facts on scoring but zilch to say on the origin of the sport. Why on God’s green earth did anyone decide that tossing a telegraph pole end over end counted as a sport? And while I’m on the subject, why is tossing a poor defenceless Haggis a sport? Who invented Haggis Hurling, as it is known? I mean, I can understand sports like pole vaulting and javelin … crossing rivers and spearing one’s dinner. But caber and haggis? Nope. I’ve got nothing. I won’t lose sleep, tossing and turning while wondering in the oddity of Highland Games.

How can anyone toss this wee beastie?!
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SoCS – Too much coffee and being ‘fussy’!

Do you want to guess what happens to me when I have too much coffee? Yup… wired and jittery until it wears off. I used to be able to live off continual coffee, with sides of cola etc. Not any more. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of the day, tired and ready to sleep, but too wired to actually fall asleep until around 3am! Mr D hates it too. I disturb him with my continual wriggling in an effort to get comfy.

The type of wiring he does like me to take care of is the spaghetti that links the TV to the satellite receiver, DVD player and X-Box. I am a self-confessed labeller. I label each cable, taking photos of everything in situ before we move stuff. Once the kit is relocated, all I have to do is refer to my images and labelled wiring and before you know it, I have the whole system set up and working (yes working first time) without losing patience and calling in an expert. The Dean family laugh at me for being so fussy but I know how much of a lather everyone would be in if the TV system went on the blink after being moved. Let them call it fussy. I call it self-preservation!

And to finish off this short SoCS post, my all-time favourite Glen Campbell track, Wichita Lineman. Look out for the line – “I hear you singing in the wires…”

As usual, my thanks go to Linda G Hill for hosting this weekend prompt. Please visit her site for the low-down on taking part. Go on, you know you want to!