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SoCS – lockdown makes work for idle hands

This week Linda has challenged us to write a post containing the word ‘deep’. Challenge accepted.

I imagine that lockdown has provided everyone with the opportunity to do a Spring clean, a deep clean. My Spring cleans don’t usually involve copious quantities of antiseptic solution, but this Spring is anything but normal, and the house is gleaming.

With the inside taken care of, my attention has turned to the outside. Mr D has lawn envy. Every day he drools as our neighbour’s grass cutting robot wanders out to cut the front grass. I caught him measuring our grass, which looks more like a moss haven, and researching different models of robot. Stage one commences this morning. A new lawn scarifier has arrived. I imagine that by lunchtime today we will be knee deep in piles of extracted moss.

One thing’s for sure, by 5pm today we will be deep-soaking our tired bodies in the hot tub, drinking a couple of well-earned cool beers, probably Coronas and lime wedges just for the irony of it all.