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JusJoJan 6th – Possibility, probability and the UK weather!

I was looking forward to the first celestial display of the year, the quadrantid meteor shower. The weather forecast for my area was clear skies from dusk till dawn. Excellent. The possibility of catching this natural firework display was high, so high I set my alarm clock for stupid o’clock just to be able to catch it at its peak of up to 120 meteors per hour.

At 5am (GMT) I climbed of of bed quietly so as not to disturb Mr D. He’s not as much of a stargazer as me. I promised to wake him if it looked great. Sliding back the curtains I opened my eyes … nothing! Opening my stargazing app to locate the correct direction (just in case I’d got it wrong when I checked yesterday) I scanned the skies. Still nothing. I crept downstairs and snuck into the garden… not a thing to be seen anywhere. Sadly the weather forecast was wrong. It was wall to wall cloud with 98% possibility of rain! How can it go from 0% to 98% while I slept! That’s so rude!

I guess I will have to wait until mid-April for the next shower, the Lyrids. Will warmer Spring weather increase the possibility of April showers or clear skies? Time will tell.

Thank you to J-Dubs for today’s word and to Linda for hosting JusJoJan

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SoCS – Heavens above!


Use the word ‘astronomical’ any way I like… hmmm (stares at the sky for inspiration). Ooo! I can stick the letter ‘g’ in front and write about all things gastronomical.

I love food! Cooking, eating, watching cookery programs, new recipe books etc. My current gastronomic craze is to take my favourite recipes and make them Slimming World-friendly. So far it’s been a successful craze! The Dean family have enjoyed a whole new range of dishes and I’ve lost 10 pounds! Only 4 more to go till I hit my target!

I could leave the word as it is and indulge in my life-long passion, star-gazing. These warm summer nights are perfect for chilling out after sunset watching the stars and planets pop out as the sky darkens to a deep blue. Armed with my astronomical phone app, I can see what’s in the heavens, in real time, with some augmented reality and a cool spacey sound track.

With luck the clouds will clear the UK skies in time for the annual mid-August Perseid Shower!

So there you have it… my weekend ponderings on the word ‘astronomical’.

Today’s weekend nonsense is prompted by Linda G Hill

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