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SoCS – Heavens above!


Use the word ‘astronomical’ any way I like… hmmm (stares at the sky for inspiration). Ooo! I can stick the letter ‘g’ in front and write about all things gastronomical.

I love food! Cooking, eating, watching cookery programs, new recipe books etc. My current gastronomic craze is to take my favourite recipes and make them Slimming World-friendly. So far it’s been a successful craze! The Dean family have enjoyed a whole new range of dishes and I’ve lost 10 pounds! Only 4 more to go till I hit my target!

I could leave the word as it is and indulge in my life-long passion, star-gazing. These warm summer nights are perfect for chilling out after sunset watching the stars and planets pop out as the sky darkens to a deep blue. Armed with my astronomical phone app, I can see what’s in the heavens, in real time, with some augmented reality and a cool spacey sound track.

With luck the clouds will clear the UK skies in time for the annual mid-August Perseid Shower!

So there you have it… my weekend ponderings on the word ‘astronomical’.

Today’s weekend nonsense is prompted by Linda G Hill

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