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One-liner Wednesday – a lovely surprise!

Out of the blue, I received a little surprise from my company in the post today. A t-shirt with the following slogan…”Be the light”. Quite humorous, considering we are a fiber-optic company! The accompanying card contained a lovely quote…

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided

J K Rowling

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One-liner Wednesday – well, I wasn’t expecting that!

No, indeed. It was a public holiday on Monday, here in the UK. There I was, idly scrolling through Facebook, sipping a wine, when my eye was caught by a particular post… from the company I work for.

‘That’s odd. I’m sure I prepped all our press release slides for this week. I don’t recognise this one!’

‘It says we’re being taken over by another company! Am I reading this right?’

Hands iPad to Mr D for sanity check.

Yup. I read it correctly. We are being bought out!

Oh well. Nothing for it but to go with the flow.

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