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#JusJoJan – Who’s the boss?

Beep beep … The quadrantids meteor shower is visible tonight. Watch it from 6:30pm.

Beep beep …. move goal achieved

Beep beep …. there is a motion at your front door (oooh, you don’t say!)

Beepety beep …. Instagram notice. Someone has just added their story

Ding ding … even a minute of breathing helps you focus (oh, and is good for staying alive)

BEEP BEEP …. time to stand up!

Ding ding…. a ten minute brisk walk would help you close your exercise ring.

The relationship between me and my Apple Watch is feeling odd today. Who’s the master and who’s the servant?

Today’s wee bit of nonsense comes from Linda’s JusJoJan challenge. Click here to read all about it.

Blog Posts, Prompts

SoCS – multitasking failure!

Normally I am very good a packing for a trip away. My toiletry bag is always ready to go, just add to the suitcase or weekender bag. Then in goes a multi-USB plug to charge iPads, phones and my Apple watch.

Except yesterday.

I forgot just one thing… the watch charging cable!


Fortunately my lovely nephew, also an Apple Watch owner, will come to my rescue later today.


Note to self, put a spare cable in the toiletry bag for future trips, thus not relying on my memory!

In my defence, I was working (i.e. my paid job), doing 5 loads of laundry seeing as we wouldn’t be home this weekend, and worrying about my mum, who’d been back in hospital yet again, this time for pneumonia.

As we traveled north to see her, I discovered my omission, but got the news she’d been discharged home again. In the grand scheme of things, a watch with a flat battery is a minor detail. I’m just happy she’s home again.

Wishing you all a peaceful Saturday xx

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