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#SoCS -Passing the finishing post!

Woman crossing the finish line

Tomorrow I know I will not be first past the finishing post, and I’m fine with that. I’m running a 5K race to raised funds for Cancer Research here in the UK. Over the past 8 weeks my village has been entertained by me, dressed in bright pink (the colour of the charity), speedwalking, jogging, running, sweating, waving to passing cars, and admiring the gardens, as I gradually increased my distance and time. I looked like a liquorice allsort in trainers!.

I’m not racing against anyone else, I’m too postmenopausal for that nonsense. Nor am I racing against my current personal best. I’m running in memory of Mr D’s Aunty Helen who died last year from cancer. I also run just because I can. I have the joy of health and improved fitness. Mr D has noticed an improvement in the tone of my posterior!

I imagine that by the time I reach the 4K marker the most important thing on my mind will be the postrun celebrations. I hope the finishers goodie bag has some lovely treats inside. I bet they won’t contain a ready mixed Gin and Tonic. I’ll make one in case. If I’m clever, I’ll be able to disguise it as fruit-infused postexercise rehydration!

This is my last #SoCS post for three weeks. If you would like to fill in for me while I’m off sunning myself, click here.

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Couch-to-5K victory!

I did it!

And I set a new personal best too!

What’s next, I wonder? 10K?

I know what’s next in the immediate future. A banana, water, and a fruit-laden gin and tonic!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone xx

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A good reason to run – One-liner Wednesday


Today is the penultimate training day for my ‘Couch-to-5K’ challenge. Thinking back to the beginning of January, when I laid down some of my resolutions for this year, I totally dismissed the idea of running a marathon. I reasoned that if I really needed to travel about 26 miles, I had a perfectly serviceable car that would get me there faster and without the pain of training.

That said, I believed I could run a 5K fun run with a bit of training, so I did! And now Cost Centre 1 (aka my daughter) and I are signed up to run for charity in September!

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One Liner Wednesday

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Uncharted territory

In my Couch to 5K update, I’m pleased to report that I’ve finally run further than I’ve run in years… and I’m still walking. I think the post-run yoga sessions are the reason I’m not walking like Cro-Magnon. As an extra bonus, I can now forward bend and place my palms flat on the floor. I can’t remember the last time I was this flexible.

This menopause game is easier to manage with a positive outlook on life. I’m not saying I don’t have crappy days. I do. Just not as many of them as I used to when I believed the negative press surrounding the change.

Life is for living, no matter the stage in life, so “carpe diem”, but be prepared to “carpe jugulum” if needed!

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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Going from strength to strength

I amazed myself today. I went off on week 5, day 1 training session and managed to complete it without getting out of breath! I even managed to inspire an overweight cream pug, out for his evening walk with his mum, to walk faster than mum thought he could. He’s got such a cute face, I can never resist giving him a little love when I see him. Now I have a fan and he wants to follow me up the village. I did say to mum that she was more than welcome to join me. She said she didn’t think she could run, to which I replied “You didn’t think Gordon was up for a fast walk but look at his little legs going like the clappers. You never know what you’re capable of until you give it a go.”

Further along the route, another villager commented that he wished he could run like me (What? Who? Me?). Oo! I’m taking that as a compliment. By the time I was on my own again, I’d completed half the session without really noticing it. I turned for home just as the heavens opened! Wonderful! Nature has seen fit to provide me with a nice cooling shower, but I wasn’t wearing my running jacket.

Ah well. Maybe this will do my muscles the power of good. This could be my equivalent of the post-run ice bath. I guess I will find out tomorrow morning. I do know one thing already. The weather helped me move faster than I thought I could. I shaved a whole minute per kilometre off my best pace so far! Who knew downpours could be so motivating?!

Have a motivational Monday whatever you are up to dear readers. xx

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Things that pop up during the day…

“Acceptance doesn’t mean to sit back and do nothing. It means having the clarity of mind to know when to let go… and when to act.” – Headspace thoughtful moment. This little bit of daily encouragement popped up just as I was leaving the house for a run.

The running app popped up with an award as I reached the end of the session. And more things have popped up since my last run. Two pale cream hellebores and some African marigolds. I’ve no idea why the marigolds are blooming this early. They don’t seem to have been affected by our recent sub-zero temperatures. They must be hardier that they look.

I’m always amazed what pops into my head when running! I now view my training sessions as meditations. I bet there’s a Headspace session for running… must have a look….

Happy Friday xx

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To nourish is to flourish

Yay! Week four of the couch to 5k challenge is here. I’m half way there. Yesterday afternoon, after work, I set off on the longest run/walk I’ve done in many a year, 4K. With the lighter evenings, this is becoming a pleasure. It gives me the chance to see Spring bulbs flowering. Drifts of crocuses and snowdrops line my route, with the promise of bright yellow daffodils soon to appear.

The evening bird chorus is lasting longer too. I’m on the cooldown walk by the time the owls begin their hooting duet. By the time I reach the end of this challenge, I will be too early to hear the songs, but at least it might be warmer.

I’m looking forward to running lighter. At the moment I run with more layers than an onion! I look like the Michelin Man with running shoes!

The signs of preparation for Spring were evident in some gardens. Their owners were out in force, pruning, and tidying, while the farmers were busy moving loads of ‘natural fertilizer’ from the cow sheds to the fields. My poor nostrils got the full impact as the tractor went past. I swear the driver slowed down to keep pace with me during one of the run sections!

Anyhoo, in an effort to ignore the pong, I started thinking about the importance of nourishment. Yes, even the poop counts as field food! If we want to see a good yield in Spring and Summer, we need to fuel up our soil. And then, on the home stretch, my mind obviously trying to ignore the last 1K, I thought about the importance of nourishing my own body if I want her to flourish in the 5K race.

So here’s one of my smoothie recipes I use to fuel up afterwards. All you need is a blender or a smoothie maker.

Cath’s Purple Protein Potion

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • fistful spinach leaves
  • 2 tsp milled seeds (my mix contains flaxseed, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds)
  • 1 portion of protein powder (Not a body-building powder, mine comes from rice)
  • 2 fistfuls frozen mixed berries
  • water or nut milk to mix

It tastes great, provides me with some ready to use protein, and hits my 5-a-day target for fruit and veg consumption. Winner!

Have a tip-top Tuesday everyone xx