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One-liner Wednesday – it’s been a while

… since I last attended a training course. And it’s a first for me… a virtual classroom. Still, it was full of useful information and a memorable quote.

I keep six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); there names are What and Why and When and How and Where and who.

Rudyard Kipling

Today’s midweek pause for thought is part of Linda G Hill’s One-liner Wednesday prompt. Click here to read the rules of engagement. Join in the fun!

Blog Posts, Prompts

#JusJoJan 13th – back to school!

Every Christmas I buy myself a little present, wrap it up all pretty, and put it under the tree.

This Christmas just passed, I didn’t wrap it up… it wasn’t that sort of a pressy this time. I bought myself an on-line course. It’s a little bit bringing “Coals to Newcastle”, in that part of my paid job is to create on-line training packages! However, this course is nothing to do with my industry, it’s aromatherapy!

I’m learning all about how essential oils are made, how to dilute them correctly and which ones play nicely together to make home fragrances, massage blends and ointments. Hopefully, by the time I get my beginners certificate, I will have uncovered hitherto undiscovered talents!

Thanks to Teresa and Linda for supplying today’s JusJoJan prompt. Pop over and say “hi” to both of them.