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One-liner Wednesday – UFO spotted on pup walkies!

Pup: Sniff… sniff,sniff…sniffety-snif…yip! Bark!

Me: Whatcha found, Pup?

Pup: Barkety-bark bark!

Me: Oooo! What the heck is that? Not an otter, or a grey squirrel. We don’t have red squirrels here. Hmmm. What we have here, Pup, is an Unidentified Furry Object!

We walk on, all the while reducing the list of possibilities to a small Mustelid of some sort. Unable to narrow it down any further, I tell pup my findings.

Me: Pup, it’s a wee weasely-stoatie thingy!

In my defence, it moved too quickly for me to be certain! I’m not sure I can tell a weasel from a stoat, even if they stand still!

Happy Wednesday everyone xx

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The restorative power of a good walk in the countryside

North Yorkshire Moors

After the emotional upheaval of last week I was more than ready to go for a good long walk in the countryside. I am blessed to live near the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and own a pup with endless energy (although this last blessing can be incredibly annoying when its energy overflows!).

The day dawned bright, sunny and a tad cool but the forecast was for milder temperatures later. Nice, but what to wear? As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong choice of clothing. At this time of year it’s better to go equipped for all four seasons… layers are the key. You can add and subtract as needed.

By the time we arrived at our starting point the early morning chill had lifted and all the was needed was a gilet, a long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and stout walking boots. Oh, and sunglasses! Pup needed nothing more than her lead (sheep roaming in the area).

The first part of the walk is a steep and steady incline. My fitness levels have increased since I last walked here as my breathing and heart rate were nice and steady as I nimbly strode uphill.

The moors are changing from greens to predominantly coppers, reds, and golds. Coupled with the spectacular stone outcrops, weathered by the winds, the views are worth the effort to get there. Some of the weathering patterns are really cool!

Weird westerly windows

By the time we’d finished the walk the lunchtime temperature was warm enough to enjoy a lakeside picnic before heading back home, very much refreshed.

Wishing you all a marvellous Monday.

Cath xx