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One-liner Wednesday … Nope. I’ve got nothing.

Today is empty-head day for me. My morning run usually produces some little one-liner gems, but not today. After 30 minutes of bobbing along, my creative spark has yet to burst into life.

Hey ho! There’s always Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Maybe I’ll have fired into life by then.

Thanks to Linda G Hill for hosting this lovely midweek prompt. Click here to pay a visit and read all the other contributions.

Blog Posts, Prompts

One-liner Wednesday – Blockages

Ah! The brick wall!

When your brain is so jammed full of stuff, overthinking itself to a standstill, you know you’ve got a dose of the blocks, writers block. Even my faithful fountain pen came out in sympathy. Plenty of ink in the cartridge but nothing flowing out. The nib needed a good old soak to get rid of the blockage. I wonder if I should do the same for my brain?

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